‘The Council’ means Bude-Stratton Town Council’

The Willoughby Gallery/Gallery’ means the wedding venue on the first floor of The Castle’

The Blanchminster Room’ means the second and smaller wedding venue on the first floor of The Castle’

The Hirer’ means the person who is hiring the Gallery or the Blanchminster Room for a wedding/civil ceremony or similar function Where reference is made to the Gallery the same conditions apply to the hire of the Blanchminster Room

1. Hours & Access
Our standard opening hours for weddings are 10:00 – 17:00 however please contact us if you are thinking about getting married outside of these times.

2. Room Use
2.1 The Willoughby Gallery and Blanchminster Room are both licenced for weddings/civil ceremonies

2.2 The Willoughby Gallery is permitted to hold a maximum of 60 people seated and 100 people standing with no seating. Arrangements can be made for a mixed standing/seating arrangement

2.3 The Blanchminster Room is permitted to hold a maximum of 24 people seated and 36 people standing with no seating. Arrangements can be made for a mixed standing/seating arrangement

2.4  A CD player will be provided for use by the Hirer. A small selection of music is available but the Hirer is welcome to provide their own compilation for their ceremony

2.5 The Council will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any articles brought onto the premises the Hirer or the Hirer’s guests

3. Photography and Confetti
3.1 Photographs may be taken in the Willoughby Gallery / Blanchminster Room and the grounds of The Castle

3.2 Confetti may not be used inside The Castle and only biodegradable confetti may be used in The Castle grounds

4. Vehicle Access
The brides vehicle may be left in The Castle grounds for the duration of the ceremony. No other parking facilities are provided at The Castle. Vehicles may drop off guests but vehicles must then immediately be taken from The Castle grounds and parked in one of the nearby car parks

5. Charges for 2016/2017

The Willoughby Gallery:
Monday to Friday inclusive £455.00
Saturday £556.00
Sunday £660.00

The Blanchminister Room:
Monday to Friday inclusive £305.00
Saturday £355.00
Sunday £455.00

In order to secure a booking a 10% deposit is required. The balance is payable 14 days prior to the ceremony taking place. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bude-Stratton Town Council’. If booking within 14 days of the ceremony payment must be made in full at the time of booking

6. Other events in the Gallery and or Blanchminster Room

The Council reserves the right to hold other events in the Gallery and Blanchminster Room. In the event of an art exhibition being held in either room the Council will clear the floor area of exhibits and prepare the room for the ceremony. The Council will not remove wall hanging exhibits except for around the fireplace

7. Facilities
7.1 The Council shall make available a private room for the Registrar to meet the couple privately before the ceremony.

7.2 The Castle Heritage Centre and Gallery has the following facilities:

  • Café Limelight is located on the first floor
  • Toilets (including disabled/baby changing facilities) located on the ground floor
  • Lift

Any misuse or deliberate damage to the above facilities or any part of the Heritage Centre and Gallery will result in the cost of the repair being re-charged to the hirer

8. Services
The Hirer shall cease to use the services and agrees to vacate the Gallery / Blanchminster Room at the end of the ceremony. The Council shall agree in writing the date and time at which the Civil Ceremony will commence and terminate.

9. Security
9.1 It is the Hirer’s responsibility to keep the interior of the Gallery / Blanchminster Room in good and safe condition at all times throughout the ceremony. The Hirer and guests will comply with all directions of the Council or Council Staff to ensure such conditions

9.2 There is an internal CCTV system in operation throughout the Gallery and The Castle.

10. Liability
10.1 The Council will indemnify the Hirer against claims resulting from the Gallery’s / Blanchminster’s negligence. However, the Council does not accept any responsibility for claims arising from negligence by the Hirer’s own personnel and guests.

12. Signage
A notice of the Civil Ceremony will be posted outside the Willoughby Gallery / Blanchminster Room one hour before commencement of the ceremony.

13. Cancellation
The Council reserves the right to cancel any booking. The Council shall not be required to give any reason for the cancellation

14. General
14.1 No pets, birds or other animals are allowed in the Gallery or Blanchminster Room. (guide dogs excepted)

14.2 None of the Council’s equipment shall be removed from the Gallery / Blanchminster Room without the consent of the Council

14.3 No smoking at any time is permitted in the Gallery or any part of The Castle Heritage Centre. The smoke detection system throughout the building is very sensitive and, once triggered, the Fire Brigade is remotely, automatically summoned. Any deliberate triggering of the fire alarms (which includes by the lighting of cigarettes) will result in Hirer being re-charged the cost of the false call-out. Please note that there is an internal CCTV system in operation which will be used to identify the cause of the alarm being triggered. The Data Controller for the internal CCTV system is the Town Clerk.

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