1. Terms

‘The Council’ means Bude-Stratton Town Council

‘The Willoughby Gallery/Gallery’ means the main exhibition space on the first floor of The Castle

‘The Blanchminster Room/Education Room ’ means the secondary exhibition space on the first floor of The Castle

‘The Exhibitor’ means the person who is hiring the Gallery or displaying their work on a commission basis

Where reference is made to the gallery the same conditions apply to the use of the education room

2. Hours & Access
Opening hours for exhibitions are as follows:-

Easter Week – 31 October: Sunday to Friday 10 am – 4 pm
1 November – Easter Week: Monday to Friday 10am – 4 pm

At other times by written agreement with the Council

The Gallery is not available for hire at the charitable rates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the year

3. Gallery Use
3.1 Use of the Gallery is restricted to exhibitions of pictures/sculpture/jewellery and other works of art; other uses by written agreement with the Council

3.2 A preview evening may be held on a date to be agreed with The Castle Manager. The cost for the preview evening will be borne by the exhibitor and is set out in the list of charges. Attendance at this event is limited to a maximum of 50 people in the Gallery at any one time. The exhibitor must adhere to instructions given by The Castle Manager with respect to any music or entertainment to be provided during the preview evening. Any specified maximum volume or level of sound for music or other entertainment must be strictly adhered to

3.3 After the exhibition/preview evening the exhibitor must remove from the Gallery all litter and anything brought and placed therein by any person and ensure that the Gallery and the access routes are left in a tidy condition to the satisfaction of The Castle Manager. The Council will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any articles brought into the Gallery by organisers or guests

4. Standard of Work
4.1 The Council reserves the right to ask the exhibitor to provide examples of the work to be exhibited before a booking can be confirmed. The Council reserves the right to refuse an exhibition if, in the opinion of the Council, the work to be exhibited is not of a sufficient standard, is of an offensive nature or is deemed not to be suitable by the Council. If any particular work of art is deemed unsuitable once the exhibition is hung the Council reserves the right to have the work of art removed from the exhibition

5. Picture Hanging
In order to ensure that the exhibition is hung to a high standard it is the responsibility of The Castle Manager to hang the exhibition. By agreement with The Castle Manager artists may, on occasions, be permitted to hang their work. ‘Blue Tac’ or similar products must not be used to affix posters, labels etc to the walls

6. Charges
Commission payable for the sale of any work on display in the Gallery is at the rate of 25% plus VAT. If items on display are not for sale then a hire charge (set out in the list of charges) is payable per week or part thereof. Whilst the gallery space is for use by the local community as well as local artists etc a balance must be achieved as the Council must endeavour to maximise income from the use of this space. This means that exhibitors who wish to book the Gallery solely for the display of work (not for sale on a commission basis) will be offered dates outside the busiest Gallery periods. The Castle Managers decision is final with regard to Gallery booking dates offered and agreed

7. Other Sales Outlets
For the duration of the exhibition the exhibitor is not permitted to advertise any other sales outlet where their works may be purchased

8. Other events in the Gallery
The Council reserves the right to hold other events in the gallery. The Council will endeavour to ensure that any such events are kept to a minimum. Artists are encouraged to leave their artwork exhibited during these events, thereby receiving increased exposure and possibly extra sales. However, if required to remove items from display this will be done by The Castle staff under the direction of The Castle Manager and the items will be returned to be displayed as soon as practicably possible after the event

9. Facilities
9.1 The Council shall make the facilities available to the exhibitor but the exhibitor shall satisfy themselves that the facilities are suitable for its purpose and whilst the Council will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the facilities are in reasonable working order, the Council is not responsible for ensuring that the facilities are suitable for the exhibitors purposes

9.2 The Castle Heritage Centre and Gallery has the following facilities:

  • The Castle Restaurant located on the first floor
  • Toilets (including disabled/baby changing facilities) located on the ground floor
  • Lift

Any misuse or deliberate damage to the above facilities or any part of the Heritage Centre and Gallery will result in the cost of the repair being re-charged to the exhibitor

9.3 The use of kettles, heaters or other such portable electrical appliances in the Gallery is strictly prohibited. Any other portable appliances (eg. lamps, CD players etc) must have a valid PAT label. The Council will not be held liable for any accident involving such an appliance, nor for any damage caused to the electrical wiring or fuses in the building which may be attributed to the use of such appliances. Any such damage shall be charged to the exhibitor

10. Services
The exhibitor shall cease to use the services and agrees to vacate the Gallery at the end of the exhibition period. If the exhibitor fails to do so the Council reserves the right to immediately remove the exhibitors property. Any costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor at a rate determined by the Council. The Council shall agree in writing the date and time at which the exhibition period will commence and terminate

11. Security
11.1 It is the exhibitors responsibility to keep the interior of the Gallery in good and safe condition at all times throughout the exhibition period. The exhibitor will comply with all directions of the Council to ensure such conditions

11.2 It is the exhibitors responsibility to keep the interior of the Gallery in good and safe condition at all times throughout the exhibition period. The exhibitor will comply with all directions of the Council to ensure such conditions

11.3 The Gallery is equipped with an intruder alarm system linked to a central station. In the event that the alarm is activated by mistake and the fault lies with the exhibitor or any of the exhibitors employees, agents or visitors a callout and reset fee (currently £120 + VAT) will be re-charged to the exhibitor

12. Liability
The Council has an insurable interest in the items for sale and will be responsible for insuring the items whilst on display in The Castle. However, the Council does not accept any responsibility for claims arising from damage caused by the exhibitors own personnel, guests and suppliers employed by the exhibitor. The exhibitor will be responsible for arranging any insurance to cover such risks

13. Hanging/Installation
13.1 The Gallery is equipped with a picture hanging system and plinths for use by exhibitors. No other form of hanging is permitted unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Council. Any damage to any of the picture hanging system or plinths must be paid for by the exhibitor

13.2 If sculptures or any items of considerable weight are brought into the Gallery suitable protection should be put in place to avoid damage to the fabric of the Gallery or to any person in it

14. Publicity
Artists are responsible for producing publicity for their exhibition and should give flyers etc to The Castle Manager for display and limited distribution at least two weeks prior to their exhibition. The artist will also need to supply a sales list. The Council will provide website publicity for exhibitions. Such publicity including jpg images should be emailed to The Castle Manager pwright@bude-stratton.gov.uk. The Council requires the name of ‘The Castle Heritage Centre and Gallery’ to be used in all promotional literature used by the exhibitor. The display of advertising material in the gallery shall be subject to the approval of the Council

15. Signage
No signage (banners/sandwich boards/plaques or otherwise) are permitted to be attached to any part of the frontage of the building

16. Cancellation
The Council reserves the right to cancel any booking to exhibit in the Gallery. The Council shall not be required to give any reason for the cancellation

17. General
17.1 No pets, birds or other animals are allowed in the Gallery (guide dogs excepted)

17.2 None of the Council’s equipment shall be removed from the Gallery without the consent of the Council

17.3 No smoking at any time is permitted in the Gallery or any part of The Castle Heritage Centre. The smoke detection system throughout the building is very sensitive and, once triggered, the Fire Brigade is remotely, automatically summoned. Any deliberate triggering of the fire alarms (which includes by the lighting of cigarettes) will result in the hirer being re-charged the cost of the false call-out. Please note that there is an internal CCTV system in operation which will be used to identify the cause of the alarm being triggered. The Data Controller for the internal CCTV system is the Town Clerk (details below)

17.4 The use of lit candles is strictly prohibited unless the Council has given prior written permission for their use

17.5 The exhibitor must provide the appropriate wrapping/packing materials for use when a sale has been made

Christine Kett
Town Clerk
Bude-Stratton Town Council
The Parkhouse Centre
EX23 8LD
01288 353576